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Our June Dividend Income

I love the first part of every month. It’s just like my very own special holiday! Yes, I’m 61, but I feel just like a kid at Christmas each time our monthly brokerage statements become available to us on-line. I can’t help it. It’s just like opening a present. What will be inside? Who is it from? It’s silly, I know, but until you’re experiencing the same thing, you might not understand.

So, adding up all the dividend income received in June from everyone, the raw numbers look just like this: June’s income was 65.42% ahead of the income from June of 2014! It has grown by 17.15% just in this year of 2015 alone! I am in awe!!!

My wife and I fully committed to this strategy 49 months ago, in May of 2011. We recognized that we could harness compounding, and cause our portfolio dividend to only go up, quarter-over-quarter, and year-over-year. We decided we would do it, and that is precisely what has been happening.

We sold Grainger World-Wide (GWW) in early May, almost 2 months ago now, and we very pleasantly received in June our last dividends from them. I had completely forgotten that I had waited until they had paid-out before we sold, so that was a simple ‘unexpected’ surprise.

Now, in the interest of all fairness and honesty, the numbers aren’t exactly what they should be, for this one reason. In June, we did not receive dividend income from CNI, as would have been expected, but we did receive dividend income from UNP, which was also unexpected. CNI typically pays the last month of each quarter, which would have been June, and UNP typically pays in the first month of the quarter, which would be here in July, to be seen in the next statements to arrive in August. In any case, it makes the best sense to just go with what we’ve actually received, then, if for record purposes, it might make better sense to move those payments to their more appropriate monthly columns, I could do that, recalculate, and report what they would look like after that.

But, for now, actual received June income was 65% higher than last June, and has increased a tremendous 17% within this year already! Is that cause for celebration, or what?!?!? Yes, yes it is!!!

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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