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No, I’m just kidding. I just tallied up everything. Yes, I’ve lost a lot of money… but, I never think of these things in terms of $ and cents. That will drive you cRaZy! Put in terms of % since the high, I’m not yet even down 3%. If being off 3% concerns you, you should not be doing this. I only wrote last time that prices, including those of my own holdings, were going to have to go down further, so that things would get to a place where I could confidently step up to buy more. I like to buy value. I like to buy when stock is ON SALE!

Are we there yet? Well, there’s several things to say about that. First, it’s news driven, and it’s all about Greece and the entire Euro and EU. If the bad news is driving markets down, then any less bad news about there being some kind of a potential resolution to the Greek mess is going to immediately result in a relief rally!

So, the very best that we can hope for is that things continue just long enough to get all the technicals that I care about down to some place where I would think that market risk has been wrung out… and that may, or it certainly may not, happen; depending about who caves first and makes everything all better again… or, at the very least, less bad.

Here’s what we want to hope for: We really could use a couple or three weeks of some terribly bad market psychology, where everyone gets down on stocks and sells… at least all those who would be willing to. If this Greece thing drags on, and real calamity does ensue, we’re going to get a great opportunity. Now, why would I say that? Because it will put off for a very long time the threats of inflation and rising interest rates for one thing… and that one thing would be enough to keep the environment for stocks reasonably favorable right there, all by itself!

In any case, it’s still a Bull market until it isn’t. Have a shopping list ready of the very safest-dividend growers. Wait for the low-risk market entry to hopefully still further develop. And, should ‘everyone’ truly get panicky and fearful, do not hesitate to step-up and ‘support’ the market with your buying at what I truly hope will be bargain-basement prices some several more % points lower than here. If I can discern it, I will shout it out, and we will want to “Back Up the Truck!”

Here’s to all of our successful investing,
Harold F Crowell


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