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Sitting Tight and Waiting Patiently

I did add some more Gilead Science (GILD), Tuesday the 16th. I was hoping the market would decline further, into a long anticipated low-risk market entry opportunity. That has yet to happen, but Friday, which was an option expiration day, did see a lot of down-side volume, and we might still get to a good low-risk entry place in the relatively near future, as I have been ever so slowly measuring a decline in market risk for some weeks now. Never forget the investor virtue of patience. It’s something traders can’t often take advantage off, but it is a God-send to the long-term, buy-to-hold investor of the highest-quality, safe-dividend growing type of stocks.

By way of review: First, by looking to a price chart of the S&P 500 in association with its own 50 and 200 day moving average lines. This is still a classic Wall Street Bull Market, and a time to have been invested. Prices have in the main been moving up.

Second, we can conduct our search, and have a ready list of the very finest stock prospects at any given time, and right now, those that would meet my very strictest criteria would be issues such as: CVS, AFSI, AMGN, CMCSA, HRL, FDS, ECL, DG and ROL. I already own CVS, CMCSA, HRL, FDS, and ECL.

Third, I don’t see this as a time to be a buyer, and that some caution is to be called for until more market risk has been wrung out. And this could commence at about any time, and might take into the Fall to complete, but it will come. Such opportunities have always come, and another will come again.

Fourth, I’m content with everything that I am presently holding, thinking that all are serving me just as I want them to; safely paying and raising their dividends to me. Portfolio dividend income is on-track and rapidly growing!

And, finally, as I measure our portfolio dividend income, and its growth, it is carrying my wife and me to our projected first-year retirement income goal. We’re working our plan, and I see our plan working! I note that considerable cash has hit our accounts, and I will wait until the next statements are available to learn who paid us what, in about 2 more weeks. I’ll report on that then.

My internet and email was down for 24 hours, but is working once again… my service supplier’s modem had died, and they came to the house and replaced it.

It’s Father’s Day weekend. The 5th Commandment of God is to honor your father and mother. If there’s any way that you can, show him all the love, respect and honor that is due him!

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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