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May Portfolio Dividend Income Growth

Okay, I don’t want to set anyone’s BS Meters off, so I’ll just come right out with it. May’s portfolio dividend income was 135.65% higher than May of last year!

Let me explain: First, I acquired some AAPL. Not a great deal, but some, and it paid to us our first dividend, so I will recalculate and factor that out temporarily. Second, of the 19 concentrated holdings, outside of AAPL, only COST, CVS and HRL pay in this month… so, let me put it to you exactly as it came to us.

May was 7.34% higher than February, three months ago. May was 27.92% higher than November, six months ago. And, it was 113% higher than last August, nine months ago. Even removing our first AAPL dividend, our May income was 126% greater than May, a year ago!

Now, let me be blunt. The actual income we received in May was truly 136% higher than the portfolio dividend income we received from the same 3 holdings last year… with the addition of some new income from AAPL.

How do I account for this? Well, COST has raised its dividend by almost 13%. CVS raised by better than 27%. And, HRL very generously raised by 25%. Those are not inconsequential dividend increase “pay raises.” The rest was as a result of adding more shares during the low-risk market entry opportunities that availed themselves to us last August, and especially last October, when I aggressively accumulated shares for our accounts.

The real point is this: We have taken charge. We are in control. We are causing our portfolio dividend income to increase quarter-over-quarter, and year-over-year. We are, in just 4 years time, some 25% of the way to our income goal. Our present cash balance stands at some 13% of our current portfolio value, and as things are going, we hope to be able to deploy that into even more shares before long, and give our income another instant bump when we do.

See, too, how we turn investor psychology on its head for us,… we want prices to go down, so that we can add more lower-priced shares. We even want a bear market to drive prices way down, but so that our safe-dividend growers can still pay us, and still raise their dividend to us. If such a thing were to happen, it would actually help to much more rapidly propel us toward our first-year retirement income goal! Can you imagine that? A Bear Market would actually help us to get to our retirement goal faster!!! Is that ever counter-intuitive, or what?!?!?

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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