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Staying Right On Top of Things

This is that weekend that kicks off Summer. And we all get Monday off. My thanks to all who served, and especially for all who died that we might be a free people. Some 2.1 million American service men, and some women, have died in our wars since our founding. I served 3 years in the US Army from 11/15/72 to 11/15/75. Has it really been 40 years?!?!?

Let’s look at the 5 Essential Principles and position ourselves right on top of everything.

First, say what you want about the market, but the trend is up. The S&P 500 is near new all-time highs. It’s above its up-trending 50-day moving average, which is above the 500’s up-trending 200-day moving average. By classic Wall Street definition, this is a Bull Market, and we must be invested!

Second, the very most attractive looking EPS and Dividend Payout lines for the past 10 years, according to my strictest criteria, belong to: CVS, PII, AMGN, AOS, CMCSA, HRL, FDS, COST and ECL. These are just the very best there are. When I get to experimenting with charting here shortly, should it prove successful; you will see. And, if it shouldn’t, I’ll likely take my efforts to another level, or another blog site altogether.

Third, this just is not any time to be a buyer. By my technical measures of market risk, my take is that risk is currently HIGH. I am patiently waiting, and continuing to build my cash balance, which now accounts for 12.7% of our portfolio.

Fourth, I sold GWW a couple of weeks back, and I by no means miss it. I have since added a token position in GILD, since it just started to be an incredibly safe-dividend payer, and I have every confidence that they will raise it next year by a significant amount, qualifying it as a new safe-dividend grower. And, if it does not… I’ll sell it.

Fifthly, my wife and I are almost 25% of the way to filling the gap or hole to our first-year retirement income goal, and we are 90% of the way to our entire goal; taking into account SSI, pension and IRA’s, etc. We have a plan. We’re working our plan, and we are attaining unto our goal! Are you doing the same?

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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