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Winning Hearts and Minds One Person at a Time

These kinds of emails mean an awful lot to me. Pay close attention… even for his mother, too!

“Hi Harold,

Well Harold I’ve finally become a true believer. I don’t why it took me so long (must be my thick skull). I ran a quick test on the 19 stocks on your list. From March 9 of 09 till now, the return was 416%, annualized at 68%. It is obvious that your dividend search is a great way to find consistent growth stories as well.

I talked to my financial planner at [big brokerage firm] about using the strategy and he totally approved of it for my portfolio as well as my mother’s. So I will just wait for the market to reach lower levels when signaled by your indicators.

I also have done some research using LEAP options with your stocks and the results are nothing short of spectacular. I used a tool in Think or Swim called Think Back that is used for options. Again, because of the consistency of the EPS and the price, you barely have to even look at them until a month or two out from expiration. And for that matter you can easily sell puts when the market is low because you want to own the stock anyway.

Thank you so much for your strategy. I do believe your methodology is going to revolutionize and simplify my trading style.

David S.”

Ah, David, emails like yours truly warm my heart. My whole purpose in blogging is to get these truths out there, and to get as many people on-board with the very basic concept that truly successful stock market investing is not “rocket science” or “brain surgery.” It really can be made to be very simple, once anyone grasps The 5 Essential Principles of Successful Stock Market Investing. I’m trying to win hearts and minds one person at a time!

Heres’ to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell

Wait ’til you read of what I only just learned… next!


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