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The ONLY Way to Invest!

The results are in, and we couldn’t be happier!

Brokerage account statements became available on-line over the weekend. By going into each one and entering in all of the dividend income received for the month of December, we are able to calculate the rate at which we grew our portfolio dividend income for the year 2014.

You should already know that the average of all of our companies dividend increase “pay raises” came to 18.32%, and very safely, too, I might add (again). Well, the rate of portfolio dividend income growth December over December for the past year was a truly remarkable… 28.73%!

That is stunning! According to the Rule of 72, if I divide 72 by the 28.73% growth of dividend income, I arrive at a product that is telling me that at that rate of growth, if I were able to continue it, would result in a doubling of our portfolio dividend income in just 2 and 1/2 year’s time!!!

Is anybody paying any attention yet? I control our portfolio dividend income. I cause it to only go up. I can make it to increase quarter-over-quarter, and year-over-year, and that’s just what I do… and by buying only the very safest-dividend growers, and adding more shares of our favorite companies during periods of low-risk market entry opportunity, such as I did in February, August and October; I am working a stock market investment strategy of investing for the safe and rapid growth of our portfolio dividend income.

I am harnessing “compounding,” making the money that my money is earning to go right back to work for me to make us even more money. We have a first-year retirement income goal, and we are racing toward it at “breakneck speed.”

It doesn’t get any better, or any easier, than this, folks! It’s all in finding just the right stocks, and market timing… which isn’t half as hard as Wall Street would have you to believe. You can do this better than the pros. Come along!

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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