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The Best Time to be a Buyer

We may have, by no means, seen the last of this decline just yet. It will not surprise me in the least if we don’t come back down and visit the place of the most recent lows… but, the pre-openers are up more than 1% this morning, after the decline and turn-around yesterday in the morning. For the time being, this market wants to rise now.

In my previous post, I wrote, “If we should open considerably lower, and there should be still more follow-through selling, I am going to begin to start accumulating more shares for our portfolio,” and that is precisely what I did yesterday morning. I committed cash to adding more shares to some of the weakest positions. At least 2 of those purchases yesterday closed 4% higher than what I paid for them in the morning.

Were you a buyer? When prices have been beaten down, when measures of market fear are high, when the volume involved in the moves is getting extreme, when your own guts are telling you to get out… that is always the very best time to be a buyer!

Since my purpose is to grow a portfolio dividend income, and since I keep good records, that I may always know where we stand; by adding shares here, around lows in October, I have already, purposefully caused our portfolio dividend income to increase by 16.8%!

Market risk is still to be considered as being low. The train has not yet left the station. There is still some time and opportunity here, and it may very well be that there will still be yet more opportunity, as I suspect there might still be some ‘backing and filling,’ and market volatility, as we see-saw up and down a bit before an adequate base has been formed. (don’t hold me to this though!)

Here’s to your investing success!
Harold F Crowell


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