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Make Your Portfolio Dividend Income to Only Go Up!

While I am watching for a low-risk market entry opportunity to set up, our July brokerage statements are now available. Going through all of them and entering our dividend income data into my specially created MS Excel files to track and monitor our progress, I note that since July of last year, I was able to purposely cause our portfolio dividend income to grow by 29%. Comparing July income to January’s, 6 months ago, our portfolio dividend income has grown by a whopping’ 21%. Who gets to realize continual “pay raises” like this? Safe-dividend growth investors do, that’s who!

Now, just how does this happen? Well, 13 of our 19 focused holdings have raised their dividends for us already in 2014. The average dividend increase among those 13 has been 16%. Besides that, I was able to make purchases of more shares in 14 of those securities during the afternoon of Monday, February the 3rd, when the market was down hundreds of points; and I felt very confident, due to the level of my chosen technical measures of market risk that it was a low-risk market entry opportunity. With those purchases, I calculated that I had increased our future portfolio dividend income by 6% on that day alone.

Now, having had cash to accrue, and some 16% of our entire portfolio value is presently in money fund cash… I’m beginning to get very excited at the thought of stepping up here soon to acquire more shares in our favorite safe-dividend growers.

And, speaking of a low-risk market entry opportunity, I would say that we are just about on the cusp of one now. A number of my technical indicators have gotten to that place where they are just now beginning to signal that risk has been relatively wrung out, and an opportunity to be a buyer would appear to be close at hand. As for when, it could be as early as tomorrow… or more likely, and I am hoping, some day in the next week. If my indicators all line up and give me what I look for in them, I will commence to buy, and will be posting what companies I am accumulating shares of. Here’s to your stock market investing success!

Harold F Crowell


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